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Zap Zoned-Out Zombies

We've built ChalkCast specifically for educators. We know how challenging it is to keep students engaged in remote and hybrid settings. ChalkCast is designed to feel like teaching a class in-person with numerous features designed for engagement, assessment, and communication.

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ChalkCast: Breakout Groups preview

Launch Groups on the Fly

With Aerial Breakout Rooms and our unique bird's eye view, unleash the power of small groups to provoke thought, conversation, and shared problem solving. Create random or manual groups, see all groups at once, and seamlessly check in with our one-of-a-kind press to talk technology.

Screen Share Together

Bring on the engagement with Show+Tell simultaneous screen share. Students can share work with classmates, give and recieve feedback, and learn from their peers. Or simply go around the room, scroll through each screen, and check individual progress as work is completed.

ChalkCast: Screen Sharing preview
ChalkCast: Nudge preview

Send Real-Time Feedback

Whether you aim to grab attention, provide support, or discourage distractions, use a nudge, our fast and not so subtle feedback tool when a chat message just won't do.

Automatic Attendance

Our automated attendance allows you to track when participants are coming and going, without chat hacks or sticky notes. See who joined when they joined, and when they left in one simple report, so that you can focus on the stuff that matters.

ChalkCast: Attendance preview
ChalkCast: Chalkboard preview

Sketch Virtually

Our virtual chalkboard automatically streams to the room and allows for visual communication in real-time. Templates for different subjects along with text input and a smart shape tool save you time. Explain concepts or have your students work through problems on their own chalkboards!


Our Icebreaker feature allows you to quickly send out questions or polls in real-time, making your class more fun and engaging. Use it as a way to break up monotony or assess your students understanding.

ChalkCast: Icebreaker preview