Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a ChalkCast room?

    A ChalkCast room is a unique web url where you can bring together students, faculty, speakers, and/or parents to video chat and collaborate.

  • What makes ChalkCast rooms special?

    Our rooms are smart, and designed to be reused for the same group of people who want to pick up where they left off. ChalkCast remembers who has joined and when, what was posted in chat, and group assignments.

  • How long does a room last?

    A ChalkCast room never expires, unless you delete it from your dashboard.

  • Do I need to create an account to use ChalkCast?

    To create a room, a registered account is required. You do not need an account to join a room, unless the room owner requires login.

  • How do I invite guests to my room?

    From your account dashboard, click on the room you would like to host your class or meeting. Click the button to Copy Link, and paste it to include the link in your calendar or email invitation. No downloads necessary.

  • Do guests need to log in to join the room?

    Guests do not need an account to join the room, but we highly recommend for accurate Attendance Reports, reusable Breakout Groups, and a higher level of security.

  • How much does ChalkCast cost?

    We believe education is for everyone, so we make ChalkCast free to use. Yep, it’s free!

  • When will ChalkCast be available for other browsers?

    We are working on it! Right now we work best on Chrome, and soon we will release a version of ChalkCast compatible with Safari and Firefox.